Full Automation Programs

Let a team of professionals create and operate your entire business. In Automation Programs we are going to manage each and everything from creating seller and buyer accounts and registering LLC's. 

In automation you will not have to worry about anything our team will do manage everything. We recommend this business model to big Businessman's who have a great credit card limits that can earn big profits without investing their single minute doing anything.

We provide Quality Solutions for clients

As pioneers in the industry, it’s crucial we set a president of conducting business the right way. We stay true to the same core values we were founded on: Commitment, Integrity, Efficiency, Transparency and Passion. These five core values guide the way we work and are the principle of every decision we make.

More than 5 Years of Experience

At Automate City, we are committed to providing only the best service possible to all of our clients. 100% of the products we supply clients with are directly from our US-based network of suppliers. Unlike other agencies who use large retail stores as suppliers, our team works to get each client custom contracts with wholesalers or dropship distributors in the USA. These contracts let our clients exclusively sell brand name items on Amazon and Walmart which are restricted to other sellers. This means less competition, higher profit margins, and more sales for our clients.

Communication and transparency are key to a successful partnership and are core values in our company. In order to ensure the voice of our clients is always heard, we create a group chat and provide each client with two Account Handlers available seven days a week. If you ever have questions, all you need to do is text or call your Account Handlers.

Real Client Results

Case Study

Meet Evan, An Automation Client

Evan is a 20 year old college student who was able to achieve over $70,000 in revenue within 90 days of joining our program. As a full time college student, Evan is working closely with his Private Coach to automate his entire business and truly achieve both financial freedom and 100% passive income before he turns 21.